How To Buy The Right Motorcycle For You

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Apart from being a fun project to work on during the weekends, motorcycles are the perfect way to enjoy the roadways in a new and different way. From cruising through the town to enjoying a weekend-long ride with your family or friends, motorcycles are a great way to travel. Not to mention, they also get great gas mileage compared to standard cars and trucks.

If you’ve decided to make your dream come true of purchasing your very own motorcycle, it’s important to select the right one for the type of motorcycle riding you’re wanting to do. The team at Zylstra Harley-Davidson has compiled the top tips to help ensure you buy the right motorcycle.

Standard Motorcycles vs. Trikes

Standard motorcycles are well-known to be the perfect all-around bike. These motorcycles are comfortable and feature a sporty style. With their mid-size engines and easy controls, these motorcycles are a great option for beginners.

Trikes also are a great option for beginners because of the increased stability they offer the rider. With three wheels, you won’t need to balance the motorcycle at every stop. You will simply brake and keep your feet up. However, if someone has prior experience with a standard motorcycle, transitioning to a trike may be unique as you may have a lack of countersteering and need to remember that the bike widens towards the end. Trikes are also typically able to hold more cargo and equipment.

Buy A Motorcycle That Fits You

It’s important to make sure that the motorcycle you’re looking to purchase also fits your height. If you’re too small for the bike you may have less control because you’re reaching too far for the pedals and controls. The opposite is also true – if you’re too big for your motorcycle, you may not have enough room and it may be dangerous while driving on the roads.

Typically, you can determine whether a motorcycle fits by visiting a showroom and sitting on a variety of different models. By going into a motorcycle showroom and sitting on several types of bikes, you can ensure you’re selecting the right one by seeing how far the seat is from your feet and hand controls. If you can reach the ground when standing, you’re making the right purchase. While this may help you determine if a certain motorcycle fits your height, it can also give you a good idea of its weight distribution.

What Kind Of Riding Are You Doing?

Motorcycles come in many different styles: sport, touring trike, etc. When you’re looking to buy a motorcycle, it’s important to know which style of bike is best for the type of riding you’re looking to do.

With a touring motorcycle, you will be ready to go on a weeklong motorcycle trip with your friends because of the many features and comforts it provides you with. A trike, as mentioned previously, will provide you with stability, but also with the comforts of a touring motorcycle. Whether you’re going on a long road trip, or simply cruising around town, this is a great option for you.

Sport bikes are for those who are experienced riders and enjoy going fast. These bikes place you in a forward-leaning position, which will make for a more difficult ride if you travel longer distances. Finally, a standard motorcycle is great for everyday riding around town and small to medium length travels.

Should I Buy a New or Old Bike?

If this is your first time buying a motorcycle, all of the motorcycles in the dealer showroom may feel overwhelming because of all of the options. While you may be able to benefit from an extended warranty and the smell of a brand new motorcycle, there may be some times where buying new isn’t the best decision.

If you’re just looking for a motorcycle that will get you from point A to point B, you may be better off looking at a used motorcycle that is still sold at a dealer. By purchasing the used motorcycle at a dealer, you will know that it has been serviced correctly and ready to ride off the showroom floor and you can continue your relationship into the future if you’re needing any maintenance done to the bike.

If you’re an experienced rider and follow motorcycles closely, buying a brand new bike may be your best choice. With improved features, low mileage and the constant help of the dealer’s maintenance service, buying a new motorcycle is a great option for some.

Wear Protective Gear

Even though riding motorcycles are very fun, it’s important to remember the safety that is needed in order to operate these machines appropriately. Whether you’re new to motorcycle riding or you’ve been riding for 25+ years, not forgetting the basics of motorcycle riding will prevent many accidents from happening.

To do your part in staying safe on your motorcycle, make sure to always wear your protective gear. This includes your full-face shield helmet, gloves, leather jacket, boots and durable pants. While you may want to match your motorcycle and look in-style while riding, it’s more important to be safe.

Purchase The Perfect Motorcycle Today

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