6 Most Important Pieces Of Motorcycle Riding Gear

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Whether you’re riding on the lonely country roads or making your way along the coast of the North Shore, there’s nothing better than cruising on your Harley-Davidson during riding season. While riding during the warm weather months, many people think they can dismiss wearing motorcycle-specific clothing, but this is exactly the time to be wearing the proper gear. While you may be a seasoned motorcyclist and haven’t experienced a crash or accident, it only takes one driver or mechanical error to cause a dangerous situation.

The best motorcycle gear on the market is designed for maximum crash protection along with protection from rain, sun, wind, noise, debris and pavement. This gear can be thought of as a secondary barrier to protect yourself from sunburn, extreme wind noise, and potential blindness from bugs or debris flying through the air. A lot of the top motorcycle apparel and protective equipment provides more than simple protection though; they are also designed to fit your personal style and they’re highly comfortable for riders during short or long distance rides.

Choosing the proper motorcycle gear to purchase with such a vast array of options can be overwhelming. To help you during this search, we’ve come up with a great list of essential motorcycle gear to purchase before going out on your motorcycle road trip.

Top Motorcycle Gear To Purchase


This is arguably the most crucial piece of motorcycle equipment to wear while riding your motorcycle. The ideal helmet required is a DOT-rated helmet that fits you snugly and is also comfortable. While finding the perfect option for you specifically, it’s best to try helmets on in-person rather than purchasing online to make sure it fits perfectly. However, there are a few resources online, such as helmet measuring charts, which can be used to determine head shape and size.

In order to ensure your safety, it’s suggested that helmets should be replaced every five years or after having an impact incident, though it may only be a minor impact. While searching for the perfect helmet for you, there are a few different styles to choose from. Check out the list below to see all the different styles:

Eye Protection

Some helmets are made with a full face mask to help safeguard your eyes, but if your helmet doesn’t have this feature, investing in a pair of motorcycle goggles to wear for eye protection is essential. This piece of safety equipment should fit well while you’re wearing your helmet also.

Whether you’re riding a motorcycle on a busy highway or on a low-traffic country road, you’re exposed to any and all elements. This means that debris, flying dirt, and insects can fly into your eyes if you’re not well protected. Additionally, UV-coated goggles are recommended in order to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.


Gloves are needed to help shield your hands from road rash along with chapping, which can be caused by the constant wind blowing on your exposed knuckles. They also help in maintaining a safe grip on your handlebars by protecting against sweaty, slippery hands which can cause danger while riding.

Look to purchase a pair of riding gloves that offer protection from all kinds of elements while providing a good grip as it’s crucial to be able to control and navigate your motorcycle. During the colder riding months, the best gloves that protect your hands from getting stiff from the cold are insulated gloves. The most common style of gloves includes:


A well-made pair of boots with decent treads are a vital piece of motorcycle riding gear for safe riding. While riding your motorcycle, it is imperative not to wear things like sneakers or sandals, Alway make sure you wear premium, ankle-high boots which are made of solid materials such as leather.

Always make sure to test them out to ensure they fit properly before riding in them. If the boots aren’t properly broken in before going on your first ride, your feet will feel the consequences of wearing stiff boots. Also, to prevent the laces from getting tangled while riding, tuck them in before hopping on your motorcycle. Below are a few different styles of boots to consider:

  • Street Boots
  • Sport Track Boots
  • Touring Boots
  • Dirt Bike Boots
  • Adventure Boots


It isn’t a good idea to wear normal pants while riding your motorcycle as your legs are not as protected from road rash in the event of a crash. With motorcycle-specific riding pants, your legs will be better protected from injury in this unfortunate situation.

This style of pants is created to be bulky and padded for important safety reasons. If you’re looking for an option that fits over top of your street clothes, getting a one-piece riding suit will be the best solution. The best riding pants to consider include:


Riding jackets are designed in numerous different fabrics and styles. Premium fabrics such as leather, canvas or denim are vital. They’re crucial in helping to guard the arms and body against road rash, and they help to keep you warm during the colder riding months. Motorcycle jackets are made with extra padding in critical areas such as in the elbow and shoulder areas. Below are some of the different styles of jackets you can get:

Leather Jackets

A premium made leather jacket will last a lifetime. The better quality it is, the higher the price is going to be, but it’s important to make sure to do your research to know what style you enjoy and how much protection it offers.

Bomber Jackets

This style is considered a casual leather jacket. They are made to stretch down to your waistline and include a soft lining on the inside which extends to the collar. They are designed with large pockets for extreme comfort and warmth in mind.

Moto Jackets

This type of jacket is known as a racing jacket as it is very snug and flashy in style. One of the main differences between the moto jacket and other styles of jackets is that it doesn’t have a collar, it typically just zips up to the neck.

Double Riders

This is the type of jacket that comes to mind when you think about a classic leather jacket. Different manufacturers design and style them in different ways. They usually have an angled zipper that spans across the torso with a flared collar. To make it a bit more fancy, many manufacturers add wide lapels.

Purchasing the right motorcycle gear can be quite the task, but now that you know what to get before your first road trip, the process will be that much easier!

While searching for the perfect motorcycle riding gear for you, it’s important to see and feel each item that you’re looking at purchasing. If you’re located in the greater Twin Cities, MN area, make a stop at Zylstra Harley-Davidson to pick up the gear you need! Our friendly staff will help find just what you’re looking for so you can stay safe on the roads.

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